PSI-PCI Instructor Training Course

The quality of PSI-PCI trained visual cylinder inspectors in conjunction with the continuing expert professional support they receive has helped make PSI-PCI the gold standard for cylinder safety and visual cylinder inspection training.  PSI-PCI Visual Cylinder Inspectors have been instrumental in establishing an unmatched level of safety in our industry by bringing SCUBA and SCBA cylinder explosions down from an average of a dozen or so each year in the US and Canada to today's rate of approximately 2 worldwide. This did not happen by accident.  It took a cadre of exceptionally well qualified and knowledgeable instructors to train others in this critical skill.  Preparing these instructors is the purpose of the PSI-PCI Instructor Training Course.

Those accepted through the application process may attend this 3.5 day course which covers, in depth, the methods and standards PSI-PCI uses to teach the basic Visual Cylinder Inspection course and the supporting specialties.  Upon satisfactory completion of the course candidates are certified as PSI-PCI Instructors and authorized to conduct the following courses:

  • Visual Cylinder Inspector
  • Eddy Current Technician
  • Valve Repair Technician
  • Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician
  • PSI-PCI Updates
  • Hazmat and Fill Station Operations

PSI-PCI inspectors current in their training and interested in teaching PSI-PCI courses can apply to attend a PSI-PCI Instructor Training Course. These courses are typically held bi-annually in Spring and Fall.

Prerequisites for attending the ITC are:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a trained and current PSI-PCI Visual Cylinder Inspector for a minimum of 2 years
  • Be able to speak and understand English
  • Have some form of formal training in the techniques of group instruction (such as through a SCUBA training agency ITC, military training or in college)

Not all candidates who apply are selected to attend.  Selection to the program is by approval committee. To make application, please contact PSI-PCI (PH: 425-398-4300 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) to discuss your interest in and qualifications for the program and request the application package. 

Instructors must maintain specific standards which include teaching a minimum of 2 VCI classes per year, follow the prescribed policies and guidelines, and pay their annual dues.  


Frequently asked questions

Q:  What is the cost of the course?

A:  Please contact PSI-PCI directly to discuss the cost.  Do keep in mind that we strive to keep the training cost as low as possible.  We expect our instructors to maintain specific professional standards and levels of knowledge.  This can not be accomplished in a 4 hour course for $500.  We can also say that the tuition cost is fully recoverable by teaching as few as 12 students.  No other course that we know of allows you to recoup your investment as quickly.

Q:  Can I take this Instructor course at a show?

A: Given the focus for conducting training at a show for new visual cylinder inspectors and the accompanying specialties, we would not be able to focus our attention as completely to the Instructor training as we would like.  We have found, given the in depth nature, time and logistics of the ITC, that holding specific courses for it in specific locations works best.

Q: Can I cross over from another agency as an instructor and just get "signed off" as a PSI-PCI Instructor?

A:  No, we do not "sign off" or accept crossovers from other agencies.  PSI-PCI core business is visual cylinder inspection training, not a caveat to SCUBA or any other training.  Our training is the only training of its type that is formally endorsed, utilized and referred to by the cylinder manufacturers (we train their QC teams!); recognized by USDOT, Compressed Gas Association and rule making entities such as NIOSH.  Being a PSI-PCI Instructor is an industry recognized position. It would be a disservice to our customers and to the standards we maintain to incorporate instructors that have not completed the Instructor Training Course through PSI-PCI, Inc.

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