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PSI Privacy Policy

Product Orders

Professional Scuba Inspectors, Inc. defines private information, to be all information submitted when product orders are placed
and for internal use only related to processing that specific order. Private information will never be given to any third parties with the
exception of parties necessary to complete the order such as shippers or credit card processors, recognized government agencies or
recognized banking and credit parties investigating fraud, illegal, or suspicious activities that have made a written request for such private information. Further, PSI, Inc. will not use private information for sales or course promotion nor will PSI, Inc. distribute private information to it's affiliate instructors. PSI, Inc. reserves the right to internally use private information to investigate anyone using PSI, Inc. products in ways that violate terms of authorization outlined during formal Visual Cylinder Inspector training courses or those failing to pay outstanding debts with PSI, Inc.

Students signing up for classes

Private Information submitted by students signing up for classes via the PSI, Inc. website (or other method) will be handled as outlined in the above section "Product Orders" with the following exceptions: their name, address, email address, phone number, and the course location they
have signed up for will be disclosed to the PSI Affiliated Instructor conducting the course. Under no circumstances will PSI, Inc. disclose to the
Affiliated Instructor credit card numbers or expiration dates. PSI Affiliated Instructor's using PSI, Inc. as their agent to sign up students have agreed not to disclose private information about students to third parties. This policy does not prohibit PSI Affiliated Instructors from contacting
former students via phone, fax, mail, or email regarding future courses they may offer.

Please contact PSI, Inc. if you have questions regarding this policy.

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