Inspection Tools

These tools enable tank and cylinder inspectors to ensure that cylinders are meeting PSI standards.

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103-110 LED Inspection Light, Bright White

LED Inspection Light, Bright White

Our LED Bright White inspection light is designed to accommodate cylinders from 40 to 130 cu.ft. The new handle provides a stronger, more comfortable...


103-026 Torque Wrench - Foot Pounds

Torque Wrench - Foot Pounds

American made torque wrench for appropriate foot pounds torque meeting requirements for reinstalling valve during valve service. Sold also as part of...


103-027 Torque Wrench - Inch Pounds

Torque Wrench - Inch Pounds

American made torque wrench for applying appropriate amount of torque required for pressure relief device service. Also sold as part of Torque Wrench...


103-021 Opti-Viewer Kit (SCUBA & SCBA)

Opti-Viewer Kit (SCUBA & SCBA)

Contains both optical device sizes for neck crack inspections. The set saves you money! The Opti-viewer provides 2X magnification (which is the...


103-002 Articulating Crown Inspection Tool

Articulating Crown Inspection Tool

New for 2017 - introduced at DEMA and already improved! New tool is ideal for inspecting the crown of the cylinder as well as close ups of sidewall...


103-009 LED Duplex Inspection Light

LED Duplex Inspection Light

DupLex Inspection Light! This unique, only light of its kind serves two specific required functions at once.  In one position, the 3 position...


103-028 Torque Wrench Set

Torque Wrench Set

This set combines the two torque wrenches we carry: one for foot pounds, one for inch pounds plus the strap wrench.  Save $25 over individual...


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