Inspection Tools

These tools enable tank and cylinder inspectors to ensure that cylinders are meeting PSI standards.

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103-026 Torque Wrench - Foot Pounds

Torque Wrench - Foot Pounds

American made torque wrench for appropriate foot pounds torque meeting requirements for reinstalling valve during valve service. Sold also as part of...


103-027 Torque Wrench - Inch Pounds

Torque Wrench - Inch Pounds

American made torque wrench for applying appropriate amount of torque required for pressure relief device service. Also sold as part of Torque Wrench...


103-021 Opti-Viewer Kit (SCUBA & SCBA)

Opti-Viewer Kit (SCUBA & SCBA)

Contains both optical device sizes for neck crack inspections. The set saves you money! The Opti-viewer provides 2X magnification (which is the...


103-002 Articulating Crown Inspection Tool

Articulating Crown Inspection Tool

New for 2017 - introduced at DEMA and already improved! New tool is ideal for inspecting the crown of the cylinder as well as close ups of sidewall...


103-009 LED Duplex Inspection Light

LED Duplex Inspection Light

DupLex Inspection Light! This unique, only light of its kind serves two specific required functions at once.  In one position, the 3 position...


103-028 Torque Wrench Set

Torque Wrench Set

This set combines the two torque wrenches we carry: one for foot pounds, one for inch pounds plus the strap wrench.  Save $25 over individual...


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