Inspection Tools

These tools enable tank and cylinder inspectors to ensure that cylinders are meeting PSI standards.

Model Product Image Item Name Price
103-028 Torque Wrench Set

Torque Wrench Set

This set combines the two torque wrenches we carry: one for foot pounds, one for inch pounds plus the strap wrench.  Save $25 over individual...


103-024 Thorpe Gauge

Thorpe Gauge

This tool makes quick work of determining the depth of external pits.


103-025 Thread Cleaning Brush

Thread Cleaning Brush

Cleaning threads is essential to a thorough cylinder inspection. This thread cleaner will allow you to do just that. Easy to use and fits multiple...


105-019 Speed Thread Cleaning Brush

Speed Thread Cleaning Brush

When you have many cylinders to clean, and a drill motor handy, this brush is great for quickly cleaning out cylinder threads. Sturdy brass center...


103-030 Welt Probe

Welt Probe

Use this small hand held probe to evaluate external cylinder damage and probe for covered or hidden damage.


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