Inspection Tools

These tools enable tank and cylinder inspectors to ensure that cylinders are meeting PSI standards.

Model Product Image Item Name Price
105-017 Quick Whip Kit

Quick Whip Kit

The Quick Whip ensemble is perfect for cleaning out and polishing your steel and aluminum cylinders.  The thread bushing protects your cylinder...


105-014 Quick Whip Replacement Pads

Quick Whip Replacement Pads

These are the replacement pads for your QuickWhip.  6 per pack.  Aluminum oxide infused, cut to exact size needed. 


103-007 FlexLight


NEW lower price!  Improved option for flexible Inspection Light. This inspection light has an extremely flexible neck for reaching hard to see...


103-022 OptiViewer Upgrade

OptiViewer Upgrade

For inspectors who wish to add capability to their existing Opti-Viewer. If you already have the 3/4" optical piece for SCUBA and need to...


103-013 Crack Inspection Mirror (2x mag)

Crack Inspection Mirror (2x mag)

A specially designed 2x magnifying mirror perfectly sized (14mm) to view the threads of most SCUBA and SCBA cylinders. Magnification meets Federal...


103-014 Crack Inspection Mirror (2x) 3/8"

Crack Inspection Mirror (2x) 3/8"

A specially designed 2x magnifying mirror in our smallest size.  2x magnification meets Federal requirements for this inspection process. The...


103-021 Opti-Viewer Kit (SCUBA & SCBA)

Opti-Viewer Kit (SCUBA & SCBA)

Contains both optical device sizes for neck crack inspections. The set saves you money! The Opti-viewer provides 2X magnification (which is the...


103-017 OptiViewer - (3/4" for SCUBA)

OptiViewer - (3/4" for SCUBA)

Economical, Compact and Durable Neck Thread Inspection Tool.   Simple to use, the Optiviewer provides 2X magnification (which is the Federally...


103-018 OptiViewer (5/8" for SCBA)

OptiViewer (5/8" for SCBA)

Compact and Durable Neck Thread Inspection Tool. The Opti-viewer provides 2X magnification (which is the Federally required magnification) and light...


103-019 OptiViewer Adapter

OptiViewer Adapter

This adapter works on the current light source for the OptiViewer.  The new light source is just under 3/4" diameter. If you have an...


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