Inspection Tools

These tools enable tank and cylinder inspectors to ensure that cylinders are meeting PSI standards.

Model- Product Image Item Name Price
108-004 Strap Wrench

Strap Wrench

This American made strap wrench can be used for a variety of tasks including valve service.  If you do not have a vice for holding the unit secure,...


105-019 Speed Thread Cleaning Brush

Speed Thread Cleaning Brush

When you have many cylinders to clean, and a drill motor handy, this brush is great for quickly cleaning out cylinder threads. Sturdy brass center...


105-018 SCBA Valve Tool

SCBA Valve Tool

This specially designed tool has a 3/8 inch drive (which also fits the PSI-PCI Torque Wrenches available separately) to easily remove the valves from...


105-017 Quick Whip Kit

Quick Whip Kit

The Quick Whip ensemble is perfect for cleaning out and polishing your steel and aluminum cylinders.  The thread bushing protects your cylinder...


105-014 Quick Whip Replacement Pads

Quick Whip Replacement Pads

These are the replacement pads for your QuickWhip.  6 per pack.  Aluminum oxide infused, cut to exact size needed. 


105-012 Quick Whip

Quick Whip

Approved by the major cylinder manufacturers!  The Quick Whip ensemble is perfect for cleaning out and polishing your steel and aluminum cylinders. ...


103-110 LED Bright White Inspection Light

LED Bright White Inspection Light

Our LED Bright White inspection light is designed to accommodate cylinders from 40 to 130 cu.ft. The new handle provides a stronger, more comfortable...


103-032 Mallet


This plastic mallet is perfect for assisting with the boot removal and also for identifying that bell-like tone on steel cylinders.  Durable,...


103-032 Pick Ended Probes

Pick Ended Probes

Pair of long handled probes used to assist with gauging pit depths inside the cylinder. One is straight for bottom use and the other is angled for...


103-031 OptiViewer Spacer Ring

OptiViewer Spacer Ring

These spacer rings are made of durable delrin plastic.  Two work to complete the inspection of the threads bottom to top. 


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