New Instructors for 2015!

PSI-PCI is proud to introduce the New 2015 PSI-PCI Instructors! 

We are excited to welcome 5 new instructors for 2015!  Our Spring ITCs (we held two in Spring this year to hold one on the west coast) were excellent and the new crop of PSI-PCI Instructors are ready to teach.  Click Read More to meet them.

First up we have Bill Jakubowicz from Bellevue, NE.  Bill is currently serving in the US Navy.  He is currently stationed in Nebraska which is very helpful because he can service a wide area where PSI-PCI Instructors are sparse.  He holds several degrees including a Masters in Business Administration focused on Petroleum Management and a BS in Electrical Engineering Technology.  Bill has been a PSI-PCI Inspector since 2013 and he is looking forward to offering training in Nebraska and the surrounding areas.

Bill Lidyoff has been working in the dive industry since 1995.  He was certified to dive in 1975 and spent many years working in some of the top companies in the dive industry.  His background includes retail sales, customer service, training and being a rep for dive equipment manufacturers.  He became a PSI-PCI inspector in 2003 and has stayed current in the program.  He is currently residing in Montebello, CA and we welcome Bill’s experience and training expertise in the CA and surrounding areas. 

Chris Gresham is in Puyallup, WA which is just south of Seattle.  He’s been in, on and around water all his life.  A USMC veteran Chris certified to dive in 2001.  He became a PSI-PCI Inspector in 2007.  His interest in cylinder safety prompted him to become a PSI-PCI Instructor to service the Pacific Northwest and travel to other areas where instruction may be needed. 

Gary Tilden comes to us from Henderson, NV.  He is a PADI Course director and dive shop owner in Las Vegas, NV.  He has been a PSI-PCI Inspector since 2006 and a strong supporter of cylinder safety and maintenance.  His desire to lead others in that respect and help other cylinder handlers understand the proper inspection methods brought him to Instructor training.  He is looking forward to offering his expertise in training in his area and ready to travel to other dive shops that need training. 

Kelly Hollar is with Maui Dive Dreams in Kihei, HI.  She has been working in the scuba industry full time since 2009.  She’s had the opportunity to work from one ocean to the other!  She’s seen the impact lack of proper training can have on cylinders.  Kelly is a full time technician with Maui Dive Dreams and a PADI MSDT.  She took her initial PSI-PCI training in 2013.  Her drive for excellence has prompted her to add PSI-PCI training to her repertoire.  She is ready to share her experiences from some of the most challenging environments for cylinders with her students. 

Scott Simmons has been a PSI-PCI Inspector since 2008 and was initially trained as a PSI-PCI Instructor in 2011.  He has been involved in other industries and is returning to active teaching with PSI-PCI.  Scott is well versed in cylinder safety and maintenance and brings that experience to his PSI-PCI teaching.  We are excited to have Scott’s coverage of the southeast US and other destinations when available. 

You can find these new Instructors, as well as our existing Instructor team by browsing the Meet Our Instructors section of the website.  We look forward to helping you find a PSI-PCI Instructor near you!

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